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Writing a Diamante Poem

There are many different types of poetry, but one of the most unique and fun types to write is called a DIAMANTE POEM.  
A Diamante (pronounced "DEE-a-mahn-tay") Poem has seven lines and each line has a specific number and type of words.  When you are finished, the poem will be in the shape of a diamond!  Click on the typewriter above to watch a video on steps to writing your first Diamante Poem!  
Using the story, "The Orphan of Ellis Island" as your text for discovering your poem's Topic Nouns, click on the links below to help you organize your ideas.  
Step 1 - Start by reading through the ReadWriteThink Diamante in the Lesson Resources, and then use the Diamante Poem Interactive Site to help you determine the focus of your poem.  Remember to play around with different Topic Nouns and related words during this step!  
Step 2 - Once you decide what your Topic Nouns will be, use the Diamante Poem Writing Organizer to help structure your work.
Step 3 - When you are finished with your first draft, which is also your Storyboard, click on the Diamante Poem on Storybird link for a picture book example of the PowToon's version of the Diamante, "Daylight".  
Step 4 - Sign up as a Student in the website.  We will be using your poems to create our very own picture books!
Step 5 - If you still have questions or need a little more practice on writing a Diamante Poem, go back to the links under the Lesson Resources for a complete step-by-step review!
                                    Good Luck and Have Fun! 
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