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The class will be divided into working groups of four, so that each group has a designated individual to fully handle the responsibilities for each job.  
The four roles include:
1.  The Interviewer - Responsible for generating questions to be asked, writing the questions on a form that will be distributed to all team members, and developing the focus or theme of the overall project;
2.  The Recording Secretary - Responsible for recording the interview with notes and an audio device, and researching any records/documents pertaining to the interview;
3.  The Project Designer - Responsible for creating the format of the presentation, and for crafting the elements of the short story, photo essay, or historical Timeline in a manner compatible with Microsoft Photostory 3;
4.  The Project Contact/Coordinator - Responsible for obtaining all permission and consent forms, following up with additional questions or clarifying details after the interview, returning any photographs or documents belonging to the interviewee, sending formal thank you letters, and inviting the guest to any events related to the project.
Before making  any decisions about who should take on each role, work through this process of selection by clicking on the links below and reading through the requirements and responsibilities for each role.  Next, discuss your personal preferences, and then decide who is best suited for each one.  Organizing and clearly defining your roles first will go a long way towards helping you work effectively as a group!
Together, your group will create a memorable oral history account that will personally connect you to one member of the Milford community.  Your group will present your resident's life, memories, stories and contributions in a digital format.  The project roles listed below all contain information that will help you create unforgettable oral history accounts for "A Project of Remembrance 2016"!
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